So what are we about?

The IQ Games Centre is an independent games retailer owned by Nigel Scarfe and Stephen Keenan. The company was established several years ago but a lot has changed in that time.

We are based on the ground floor of a large open venue set in the middle of Huddersfield town centre. We've enough seating to host most major tournaments and we are open seven days a week and open until late for most of those days. We have plenty of table space but also internet access and online gaming for those that need it.

Our aim is to be a friendly, welcoming and professional environment that anyone, young and old, family or individual can come along to and know they are going to have a good time. If you’re a regular gaming looking for a group or a group looking for space then give us a shout.

We have regular family events as well as having an organised play schedule that anyone would be proud of. No matter what your preference in games there will be something here to catch your interest. Our range of games is improving all the time, we have a huge board games library available for free,  and we work hard to find new games, products and companies that want to work with us to get their exciting new games to our customers.

Even if you have never tried these games before our team will make sure we spend time with you, teaching you the games you like the look of and introducing you to other players or families that share the love of the game. The games themselves can be very strategic, extremely cool or laugh-out loud funny but they all tend to be highly social. You have to sit round a table and have a laugh with others and that’s what it’s all about.

Our venue is regularly used by different groups for meet ups including home educators, live action role-play and the women’s institute. Some nice variety there! We also run children’s parties as well as the usual leagues and tournaments for a huge variety of games, old and new.

If ever the urge takes you or you have the smallest amount of curiosity then please come down, say hi and let’s see if we can surprise you. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

For any questions or feedback you might have please get in touch with us by clicking here

Nigel & Stephen.