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IQ Games Centre is proud to announce that we will be holding the ultimate celebration of Lovecraftian Horror, Arkham Nights 2018!

For the first time since Arkham Nights started in 2010, this normally US only run event will be coming to the shores of the UK.

The horror filled two day event will be happening on the weekend 24th – 25th November at IQ Games Centre, Huddersfield. The event will start at 11am and finish at 7pm each day but players are free to arrive and join in any time. Closer to the date we will be posting a timetable of each day’s events so keep an eye on our website for more information

Tickets for this event are £10.00 and that will get you entry in to both days and the events that take place along with the all the event support detailed below.

During the weekend investigators will be delving into the Lovecraftian world in the form of the following games:
Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror
Mansions of Madness
Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Arkham Horror Third edition

Arkham Nights UK is a great opportunity for players to get together and celebrate Arkham Horror in its many forms with the added bonus of receiving some great support. 

All Arkham Nights attendees will receive a gift bag filled with Lovecraftian loot. You will gain an exclusive 6” by 9” black velveteen bag emblazoned with an eldritch emblem, a collection of acrylic health and sanity tokens, a set of Arkham-themed dice, a preview character from Arkham Horror Third Edition and one from Elder Sign, along with a deck box and a copy of The Night’s Usurper Scenario Pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game before its wide release. These mementos may be all you have to prove that what you witnessed at this horrifying event truly happened—be sure to keep them safe. 

Arkham Nights UK is open to any and all players of any ability. So even if you have been closing portals for years or new to the Horrors of Arkham there is a place for you at this event. Seasoned investigators will be on hand to help new adventures through the perils that lay ahead in Arkham so why not test your mettle and book a ticket to Arkham Nights UK 2018 now. 

This is an exclusive event and the material to support it are very limited. As a result, tickets will be limited to one per customer and players will need to be physically present on either day to pick up their event support. We will only give the event support out to the person named on the ticket and will not be shipping or giving any products to friends of the named ticket holder if they are unable to make it to the Arkham Nights event days.

As mentioned, the support is limited but space is not as IQ Games Centre has more room available so if the event books out fast we will look at expanding the space we have for the event. However, we cannot guarantee any event support after the first wave of tickets so act fast! 

If for some reason you book a ticket but cannot make the event, please get in touch and we will refund the ticket price and offer it up to another person. 
Refunds will only be offered up to Thursday 22nd November. 

For any more information or to ask any questions please get in touch - 
info@iqgaming.co.uk - 01484 511019 - https://www.facebook.com/IQGamesCentre/


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