7 Wonders Review

By Heidi, 2015-04-23 14:26
7 Wonders Review

This weeks review I wanted to look at a game that combines all sorts of different aspects, from drafting to hand management to resource management. 7 Wonders is a game for 2-7 players created by Antoine Bauza and produced by Repos Productions.

What's It All About?

In 7 Wonders you are a leader of a great city and have to build work to build up the city protecting it from attacks from either side as well as gaining resources to build your cities wonder and advance it through the ages.

The game is played over three ages and in each age the things you can build become more complex and require more resources. The ages play out as follows:

Each player receives a hand of seven cards and taking one passes the rest to the player on their left. Everyone reveals their card and pays any costs related to it (if any). Then looking at the pile they were handed they take another card and pass the rest on to the left. This continues until there is only two cards left to pick from they pick one and the last gets put away.

At this point any military action occurs with those that have the most military presence attacking those to both their left and right.

The second and third age continues in the same way.

To build the wonder you have to meet the pre-requisites of each section and rather than placing a card in play in front of you you keep it face down and put it under the wonder section to signify the that section has been built.

Resources can be bought from those directly on either side of you but not from anybody else so unless you have the resource you will have to give other players money.

The cards are varied and some provide discounts for later buildings allowing you to build things even if you don't have the pre-requisites for it. Others give you points based on items that your opponents have or allow you to buy things from them for cheaper.

At the end of the game the various points are counted up (based on the number of resources you have, how much science you have, the state of your wonder and much more) and the person with the most points wins.

The game takes a few moments to get your head round and once you've played it through for the first time you will most likely change how you play it again having seen how the cards interact with one another. However the game is quite quick to pick up and is different each time you play it because it will depend on the kinds of cards you get passed.

What we like:

This game is very strong for both two players all the way to seven although it plays at its best when there is seven players.

The cards are interesting and the game is very quick to pick up.

There are lots of interesting expansions and with its mix of hand management, drafting and resource management there is always something going on.

7 Wonders is available here for: £34.99 and takes around 30 minutes to play depending on the number of players.