Age Of Sigmar Monthly League: Round One

By James Hardy, 2019-06-03 18:19
Geoff Smiths Beautifully painted Brayherd



Hello, And welcome back to our Wargaming blog!


This time we are reporting on the first round of our 6 month Age Of Sigmar League!


Nine of the Greatest Generals from the Mortal Realms fought over the spoils,

Martin McKenzie- Daemons Of Khorne

Dave McKenzie- Tzeentch Deamons

Geoff Smith- Brayherd

Stevie Harrison- Legions Of Nagash

James Cross- Nighthaunt

Sophie Townend- Slaves To Darkness

Matthias Liley- Kharadron Overlords

Matthew Kilburn- Flesh Eater Courts

Joshua McHale- Disposessed 

As you can see, quite a leaning towards Nagash and his minions!



With Matthew Kilburn narrowly standing tall after a crushing victory in round One,

And narrowly defying 3 (Yes 3!) Greater Daemons Of Khorne in round 2!


In Second place was Sophie, after a narrow victory in round one and a strong 2nd game, missed top spot by 3 Victory Points!!


After the first round the standings are:

1st Matthew Kilburn  2nd Sophie Townend

3rd Josh McHale 4th Martin McKenzie

5th Stevie Harrison 6th Dave McKenzie

7th Geoff Smith 8th Matthias Liley

9th James Cross


Great fun was had by everyone!


Stay tuned for the next event on the 15th of June!


Thanks For Reading!