AireCon 2017 - Our Thoughts!

By Emily_Quinn, 2017-03-16 17:40

A couple of weekends ago, we attended AireCon - a friendly and inclusive gaming festival, with tonnes of game space, a games library full of classics and a great selection of traders and demonstration teams, (not the mention the great hot chocolates!) The AireCrew were friendly and informative, and clearly wanted all attendees to have a blast - with great reviews from a variety of gamers and families alike, we definitely feel the event was a success.

After a smooth drive up to Harrogate, we spent Friday checking out the first day of AireCon and setting up our space. We finally managed to get our space perfect after moving tables and chairs a few times in order to satisfy Nigel, the perfectionist... We shared our space with Imagination Gaming - bringing a Family Zone to AireCon with some budding young gamers and their parents.

Throughout the weekend, we held tournaments of a number of games including Splendor, 7 Wonders and Star Realms, alongside our giant versions of Pandemic and Ticket to Ride. We gave away some rather awesome participation prizes, from promo cards to translucent trains!

Games continued through the day and night at the venue - the atmosphere was electric with concentration and laughter all around. After speaking to a few gamers myself, I found out a lot of them had travelled an awful long way to be here, which just shows their commitment and passion - we salute you!

Next year's AireCon will be held on Friday 9th March - Sunday 11th March at the Harrogate International Centre. The space will be bigger, surpises will be plentiful and the games will be as enjoyable as ever!

We'll see you there...