Doomtown Reloaded - Ghost Town Spoiler

By Heidi, 2016-02-21 14:55


Well it seems like it was only yesterday we were talking about spoilers for Bad Medicine but it wasn't and now Bad Medicine is out we're all looking toward Ghost Town.

For this pine box we have been given two spoilers the first of which we'd like to show you now!

So without further ado here is Scott to talk about the first spoiler card: Technological Exhibition

Many has been the complaint that Mad Science is not up to running at tournaments. Recently there have been many ways to speed them up and its entirely possible with the release of Technological Exhibition that Mad Science may at last be up there as a top tier possibility.

Lets look at the card broken down

Noon Job: Your Mad Scientist leads a job that marks an in-town location.

Ok this sounds risky, it's not, its all about timing, first turn first play targeting your home and your opponent can't oppose. Play the chess game and have your opponent booted out then run it.

If successful, choose a gadget in your hand or discard pile

This is great, I have a much larger option of playable gadgets if I can also access my graveyard. Even turn one action one I will have a minimum of 9 cards to access excluding this one.

Your leader invents it without booting, reducing its difficulty and cost by 5

Reduced difficulty and cost is a massive boost for Mad Science you can now start running those harder/expensive gadgets without worry.

If you marked the town square, the gadget permanently gets one control point.

This is a really nice way for Mad Science to put the pressure on early game or for that finishing CP. 

A big thank you to Scott, Db0 and Alderac Entertainment for letting us have the spoiler. 

Let us know what you think about this card!