Doomtown Reloaded Spoiler - The Curtain Rises

By Stephen Keenan, 2016-05-05 11:28
Doomtown Reloaded Spoiler - The Curtain Rises

Well here we are again! Coming soon will be the report from our Outlaw event but for the meantime we thought we'd share a spoiler for the tenth expansion - The Curtain Rises.

This time we have Stephen ready to give us a bit of an insight into the card itself so without further ado here he is!

The Curtain Rises Spoiler

So here's a nice little Totem for all you Eagle Wardens out there. We've had a few decent Totems recently so this one is always going to have stiff competition.

Let's take a look:
At a most basic level you're increasing the production at a deed by +1, which for one Ghost Rock isn't too bad. Even better if you can use the General Store to get it in play, you will regain that that one Ghost Rock the following turn.
That being said, this is still a defensive Totem, which is going to be fighting for deck slots. It's in the magic 8-Value, so for Eagle Wardens it's between this and Spirit Dance, but now we have Mother Bear's Rage, there are ways to fill the gaps.
The increased production also means that you'll never be putting this on an opponent's deed, but that's not what you put this in the deck for.
Some may bemoan the Spirit Fortress archetype but as we've seen before there are ways to deal with it, and while this isn't an auto-include in the deck, it certainly going to get a look in. The production increase means you can slap it on the Whateley Estate to give it production, but also for those Shamans who are sitting in there keeping their influence, they can essentially generate you 2 Ghost Rock a turn, though you'd understandably not want to put more than one in there.
Finally, the pull cost of 6 is pretty low, so even a Shaman 0 has no issues making the pull, even if you're including a few lower values.
This card isn't going to change the game, but it's certainly nice to see Shamans get a reliable money Spirit.
Give it a try! You may find it's the card you've always wanted for your deck.
Thanks to Stephen for the write up and Db0 and of course AEG!
Watch out soon for our Outlaw write up, and if you are itching to get some games in we've got our Derringer event coming up soon!
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