Doomtown Reloaded Tournament Report

By Heidi, 2015-05-28 20:24
Doomtown Reloaded Tournament Report

Doomtown Reloaded Tournament - A Million Ways to Die in Gomorra Tournanent Report

This weekend just gone we had our monthly Doomtown Tournament. The winner went away with not only a mat, special cards, a deck tin and £25 store credit but also entry into our Deputy Event which is taking place on July 18th  (

We had a great turn out and the winner of the event Andy Wroe was kind enough to give us a break down of the deck he played and the event through his eyes.

So without further ado I'll pass you over to Andy!

It is my personal opinion that Desolation Row is the strongest home of any faction currently with the synergy of the dudes in that faction (in second place I'd put The Fourth Ring , I love card draw). With this in mind I set out to try out this home, only to find everyone else (OK slight exaggeration, but 3 of the top 4 decks were Desolation Row at the tourney) doing the same! Can't say I blame them!

Ok MVP - The Fixer . I discard him before first upkeep, however he lets me fill the hole of either - no cheating card (priority), shotgun, dude (if slide deck), shootout action (if aggro deck), deed in that order, based on my play hand. I LOVE the fact the opponent knows what I am taking to hand, and sees 10 cards of my deck, the fact they know I've either definitely just pulled a Bottom Dealin' to my hand or I probably have one already there really can throw their game.

Bottom Dealin' is the 2nd place MVP card, as my deck structure relies on hitting a few bullets, I'm probably not going to be giving them more than 3oak.

Speaking of deck structure, the ideal pull is straight flush A-5 and in testing I was getting this off 2 out of 3 pulls. At the tourney I saw zero in 6 games. However I was 5oaking a ton and not getting cheated that often, so I was (in my opinion) lucky on that front. I was the only person runningThe Fixer and I feel that made the difference.

It is not an aggressive deck from the point of view of kidnappings / ambush / etc (none). Instead the idea is that Milt Clemons fuels your economy, if you War Paint him before he does the job, that is 5 rock you are getting. You then push at least one bounty to your combat dudes (Silas Aims first) and get either your Pearl-handled Revolver or Bad Company going. Stick one of those in town square and your opponent has a bad day. You then simply keep pushing for 2 bounty a turn, spread these out, jump on their dudes if they step out of home and take their deeds.

Round 1 - Desolation Row - Sloan - Paul

I had a shocking game, I just could not getting my deck running, I made at LEAST 2 play mistakes early on and got hammered. My opponent capitalised on my mistakes and all credit goes to him. I remember that I managed to get 2 pair for my best shootout hand, at that point I felt it was going to be a VERY crap day game wise (It's never a crap day at IQ, the people there are fantastic and so is the venue). I'd love to say I could tell you more about Pauls deck, but unfortunately it was a very short game...

0-1 ok, wooden spoon, here I come!


Round 2 - Morgan Gadgetorium - John

Not a great match up for John to be fair. I got an early Shotgun, lost Silas Aims to a tied hand (I was happy with that to be honest, OK, lost the Shotgun, but he lost influence), played another shotgun in turn 2, aced another of his dudes (John made an unfortunate play error leaving a booted dude where I could get at them) and to seal his fate I dropped a Faithful Hound which ate Chuān “Jen” Qí's Mechanical Horse. Faithful Hound weren't in the deck for a Morgan Gadgetorium, but were for Legendary Holster decks. Sorry John, felt very guilty.

1-1 ok I'm not going to come last!!!


Round 3 - Oddities of Nature - Liz

Liz hasn't played for awhile, but I always love my games against her, she's a really nice person who does really weird things with decks that make you think for ages.

Unfortunately it was obvious she was rusty as she made a play error with Oddities of Nature and backed her abominations out of a shootout in town square. She had already played The Pharmacy and another 1CP deed, and with the one deed I had dropped I won the game on turn 1.

Looking at her deck afterwards (and having a friendly with my The Arsenal gadget deck), she has some really cool ideas around Summoning, just a shame it didn't come off in that game.

2-1 Ok, going to come midway, this is better than I expected!


Round 4 - Morgan Cattle Co.- Karl

Karl made an error on starting dudes, so I let him restart, reshuffle etc. Yes I could have said no, but where's the fun in that (warning, I won't say that at Sheriff events!!!).

Karl was playing Morgan slide, so I changed my starting dudes, dropping Silas Aims and bringing in Lawrence Blackwood as I felt the extra mobile influence would be worthwhile.

Obviously shootouts were never going to be Karls strong point, so I cycled my shootout actions at every chance and due to knowing how slide works, held a decent advantage.

If Karl could have held on 2 more turns I think I would have been in trouble, but as I funnelled all my money into dudes and deeds I was able to sit on his locations, keep myself afloat financially and force him into a shootout to save the game. Let's just say it didn't end well for Morgan.

3-1 OK that's much better than I expected based on game 1, top 4!


I pulled my nemesis George playing The Fourth Ring. I have never beaten George in a tourney that I can recall.

George had the worst start possible. With only 1 playable card. My start was insane. Game finished before Sundown turn 1.

I MIGHT (and this is only a Rumors) leapt about screaming 'I've beaten my nemesis', I cannot confirm or deny this...

On the flip slide I love playing George, I wish he had had a better start, but hey a win is a win.



Desolation Row with Stephen

He's playing a Sloane start with Allie Hensman, throwing Allie Hensman into town square, gain the control point, then sending his entire posse of dudes for the Desolation Row job, pulling Allie Hensman back home at the same time. Oh and with Legendary Holster too...

This was not a match-up I was looking forward to. However the game was over in two turns.

We had a minor shootout in turn 1 that my 5oak wasn't cheated on and IBottom Dealin' a pair to him.

Second round I went head to head with his entire posse (I didn't have any Shotguns and he didn't have Legendary Holster out. Again I 5aoked (not that I wanted to, but as I missed my straight flush again and my 4oak and full house were going to be cheating as well, what the hell... and again got away with it. he also 5oaked, I again Bottom Dealin' at pair to him.

Game over.

Swiss 3-1 Finals winner :)

Great day out at IQ as ever and the prize support was amazing once again (thanks Heidi!!!!). My takeaways from this are:

A slightly weaker draw structure using Bottom Dealin' is risky, but if it pays off cripples the opponent.

The Fixer is an MVP of such high value I don't think I'd ever run a different grifter now playing Sloan.

Faithful Hound are way better than I thought.

Thanks once more to IQ for a great tourney.

The winning deck list:


Straight Flushing, Low Value, Bad Company - OP#2 Winner - Huddersfield IQ 23/5/15


♦ Diamonds (7)

1x3Yan Li's Tailoring

1x3 Hustings

1x 4 Town Council

1x 4 Dead Dog Tavern

1x 4 B&B Attorneys

1x 5 Charlie's Place

1x 5 Pearly's Palace

♥ Hearts (10)

4x 3 Shotgun

2x 4 Faithful Hound

4x 5 Pearl-handled Revolver

Jokers (2)

1x Joker (red)

1x Joker (black)

♠ Spades (* starting posse) (15)

1x A Jake Smiley

1x A The Fixer

1x 2 Fred Aims

1x 3 Lawrence Blackwood

1x 4 Marion Seville

1x 4 Sanford Taylor

1x 5 Pancho Castillo

1x 5 Barton Everest

1x 6 Makiao Kaleo, Esq.

1x 6 Jonah Essex

1x 7 Ulysses Marks

1x 8 Milt Clemons

1x 8 Silas Aims

1x 9 Angélica Espinosa

1x Q Alice Stowe

♣ Clubs (20)

2x A Make 'em Sweat

2x A Lady Luck

4x 2 Bottom Dealin'

2x 3 The Stakes Just Rose

2x 3Sun in Yer Eyes

4x4War Paint

1x 5Hiding in the Shadows

3x 5 Bad Company

Desolation Row


Starting with 2 wealth, -1 income and 4 influence

52 cards with printed value (required 52)

Cards up to Faith and Fear



If you would like to learn more Doomtown Reloaded is played on Thursday evenings and regularly throughout the week.

We have monthly tournaments and the next one will be taking place on June 6th (  

The group page for the shop can be found here: and it is here that games get organised as well as events announced.

We will be running some learn to play demo days soon but if you would like to get more information in the meantime please email us at:

Thanks Andy for the tournament report and thank you for reading!

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