Doomtown Spoiler - The Showstopper

By Heidi, 2016-07-14 11:49
The Showstopper Spoiler




It feels like it was only yesterday we were here! 


The newest saddlebag is only around the corner and we've got a spoiler for it. This time around the introduction is written by Scott so without further ado lets look at the card!


The Spoiler 





Its a nice little thematic card that sits on a great value, expect to see it in those left field DMH decks.


Here's Pedro


It has a drawback by giving you -3 value which can be a massive detriment but hey you also cannot be moved by card effects which is awesome and at zero cost i gotta feeling this card will see play although maybe not in the top tier decks.


A big thanks to Scott, Db0 and of course AEG!

Keep an eye out for our next Doomtown tournament and don't forget every Thursday evening we have our Doomtown Reloaded games.