By Dan Vasile, 2014-12-11 16:04

The world is a lovely place if you don’t think too much of course. There are plenty of jobs and the more you work the more presence you get but if your workers start to think too much they will wander off and disappear lost in the dystopian world.

Euphoria is a worker placement game by Stonemaier Games and Morning Players. You can find them here:

What’s it all about?

In Euphoria you are trying to maintain a dystopian state and place your authority tokens before anyone else. To do this you need to build up resources and this is done by rolling dice which represents your worker intelligence and placing them upon the board. Different places give you the basic resources. Whilst other allow you to build buildings and then gain more advanced resources or artifacts which you can use to place your tokens,

The game is over once a player has placed all of this authority tokens however you are not on your own! You each start with two aides, and before the game begins you pick which one to start already allied to you. The other you get to turn over once the section they are linked to reaches a particular advanced state.

Players: 2-6 players
Time: 60 minutes
RRP: £54.99
On it’s spotlight days the game costs: £27.50
For the rest of the 12 Days of Gaming the game will cost: £46.74

What we liked!

The whole game has the feel of books and films such as 1984, Logan’s Run and Metropolis and the theme runs strongly throughout the game from the images to the wording of the cards. The names of the different buildings created a lot of conversation and once you have the hang of the game the gameplay flows very quickly and smoothly. The colours are wonderful and the dice are gorgeous.


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