IQ Games ITC Champions Missions Tournament 19/05/19

By James Hardy, 2019-05-24 15:53

Hello and welcome to our new Wargaming blog!

On Sunday we had our first Champions missions Warhammer 40,000 tournament, after running the simplifed missions for the last few months, and a fun day of gaming was had by all!

18 players contested 3 rounds, we some very narrow victories and heart breaking defeats,

Lists were very varied, one of which had a vast Necron Construct, which spent most of the day exploding!

Both loylist and renegade Primarchs were taken, along with more than a Knight or two as well.

After the dust had settled and the fighting finished Micheal Guilfoyle stood too as the overall victor, with his Mortarion taking best painted Model as well!

His list was,

A Vanguard formation of:


A deamon Prince Of Nurgle

3 Contemptor Deadnoughts,

A Purge Spearhead of:

2 Lord Discordants

With 3! Yes 3 Deredeo Dreadnoughts!

Best Painted Army went to Adam Walker, with his beautifully painted combinded Eldar Forces!

As I'm sure you'll agree this are amazing, and fully hand painted!


Join us for our next ITC tournament on the 23rd of June!

Who will win this time?

Tune in and find out!


Thanks For Reading!

Mark F