By Niall MacBlain, 2020-04-18 17:08

Hey everyone just a small update to see how everyones doing,

It’s been a few weeks now and it’s been an interesting time. Whether you're chatting online, leveling in WoW, playing magic arena, painting or diving into your Steam library, people have been finding ways to spend the time indoors. Our Facebook page is still a hub for players to chat and keep up with everyone and we have our Discord server for everyone to chat, marange meetings online and play games together. He is a link for anyone who hasn't already joined -

We are currently sorting out our online store and should be able to get limited orders organised soon. Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Discord page for further updates about orders from the shop. 

The Magic community has been keeping up with some weekly tournaments on Magic Arena and using our Discord to manage pairings and what not. We’ve had events run on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays FNM. The FNM @ Home event is also extended through the next few weeks so players can send screenshots to our Discord from that week's event to earn some cool rewards in game. The IQ Magic Discord can be found here -

The Final Fantasy TCG players also continued the weekly fight shesh online on Thursdays. It’s been great to see the community coming together to play and there's even been some streaming of the events going on. 

We’ve also been having a weekly Yu-Gi-Oh tournament on Saturdays for players to come together and get some games in. We’ve been using the online site Dueling book and a Discord channel for organising pairings and chatting during rounds. It’s been great to see the players playing again, with access to all the currently released cards (Secret Slayers!). A link to the event Discord can be found here -

We appreciate the support everyone has given us during this time and a big thank you to the whole community :)


Stephen & The IQ Team