IQ Has Expanded... Meet the Team!

By Emily_Quinn, 2017-03-13 10:11

Here's the new line up - if ever you need information about a specific game or event, there's definitely someone at IQ that knows the ins and outs of it. Read our bios and have a laugh at our photos...more coming soon!


Role: Store Manager - I do a little of everything, but one of my main jobs is to look at and organise events including the time/price. I run the software, greet players on arrival and answering any/all questions about the events and the store itself.

Speciality: Card Games - mainly Magic the Gathering, but I have played a lot of different card games over the years  - Legend of the Five Rings, A Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Your favourite game: Magic the Gathering & fast/fun Games like Splendor and Terrible Monster are usually my go-to games. 

What you're playing at the moment: When I find time to play games, I mainly play Magic - I enjoy playing all formats but my favourite is Modern. I have 5 decks built up for Modern but always favour Red, White & blue decks. Currently, I'm playing a deck built around Nahiri, the Harbinger & Emrakul, the Aeons Torn - a combo control deck that uses Nahiri's -8 ability to put Emrakul into play and get an attack in dealing 15 damage and making your opponent Annihilator 6. 



Role: Owner and being he who pesters...Pestering, moaning, smiling and occasionally organising and inspiring.

Speciality: All of the above...although I can be good at making people smile, coming up with ideas and breaking things...

Your favourite game: There are so many I love and it depends on who I play with but I love the following for different reasons: Lord of the Rings LCG (We've lost again??), DC Deckbuilder (The Blue Beetle!!), Quiddler (Is that a word?), Alien Deckbuilder (Just kill this bloody facehugger for me!)

What you're playing at the moment: As I spend most of time gaming in schools this list is just silly. There are so many games that we play but Zeus on the Loose is always popular so i'll chose that.

How you got in to gaming: I got lost at school being quiet with little confidence, games changed that. Starting with Dungoens & Dragons and Fighting Fantasy books it became the start of the rest of my life. 


Role: Till jockey and miniatures - helping customers find and buy the right game for them, organising play and events for war gaming and miniatures, and getting in everything miniatures lovers need.

Speciality: Role playing games and Magic the Gathering.

Your favourite game: Either Dungeons and Dragons, or Magic the Gathering. I love more intuitive games too.

What you're playing at the moment: I'm running a Dungeons and Dragons game on a Tuesday at the shop, based in the world of the Forgotten Realms. I also play in a Mass Effect RPG on a Thursday run by my brother.

How you got into gaming: I grew up with three brothers, two of them older who had a Sega Master System and an old BBC computer. We'd spend most of our time playing on them, but eventually they introduced me to wargaming through their Warhammer collections and their own Dungeons and Dragons books. I've been an avid gamer ever since.


Role: Marketing and Media Coordinator - looking after our social media, getting people involved and spreading the word!

Speciality: Family games.

Your favourite games: I really enjoy Burger Boss and CVLizations. Through my love of words and writing, I also love playing word games like Quiddler. 

What you're playing at the moment: I've recently got into Forbidden Island/Desert and playing cooperatively to win! The guys at the shop have been great and introduced me to loads of games such as Elder Sign, Splendor and Ticket to Ride.

How did you get into gaming?: I've always liked video games, from old school Spyro to Skyrim, (dragons!) yet I've realised there's something that little more special and involving about tabletop games. Until last year, I had no idea how the big the gaming industry was! It wasn't until Nigel and Chris (Imagination Gaming) came into the school I worked at - it opened my eyes to the world of games and their huge educational benefits. 


Role: Till user extrodinare - Helping customers find great games, the right cards, the droids they were looking for and helping to set the shop up for events!

What does it involve?:  Serving customers on the till, helping people with any queries or issues and organising the upstairs and downstairs areas for evening and weekend events.

Speciality: YuGiOh, Final Fantasy TCG, Pokemon TCG and RPG games

Your favourite game: There are many games I love to play like Last night on earth or Sentinal of the multiverse. I especially enjoy TCG's like Pokemon and Final Fantasy, but YuGiOh will always be my go to game! 

What you're playing at the moment: I'm currently running a D&D 5th edition "Curse of Strahd" game in the shop on a weekly basis which has been alot of fun so far. I've been playing a lot of Imperial Assault lately as running the campains and runing the rebels day/being ruined by them is super fun!

How you got into gaming: I've always had a love of games and gaming even studying it at university! Beeing the youngest of 4 meant I had plenty of people to play board games and computer games with growing up (Good old Super Smash Bros). Ever since moving to Huddersfield i've really gotten more and more into games especially after discovering IQ and it only added to my passion for a good game, be it a computer game, board game or card game.