Medieval Academy

By Heidi, 2014-11-24 12:38

Training to be a knight can be hard work. It can be a very busy life with rescuing maidens, book learning, dragon slaying, giving to the poor and sword practice. It can be quite the juggling act and only the mightiest and most determined make it.
Medieval Academy is produced by Blue Cocker Games a french games company. You can find their website

What’s it all about?

Medieval Academy is a game in two halves. Each player takes turns choosing cards from a selection (draft) which they create their final hand of that round.  To draft each player looks at the cards in their hands picks one card and then passes the rest to the left (on the second round this becomes the right and then to the left on the third round...there is a handy card that shows which direction you need to pass the cards) this continues until all the cards have been picked. Once the cards have been drafted players take it in turns to play cards and move their tokens a number of corresponding boards. Each board represents a different aspect of the knights code. Charity, Bravery, Learning, Nobility and more.  Certain boards are scored at different points during the game and it's a balancing act to make sure you don't lose too many points (some have negatives for coming last) before the bigger value boards are scored.

At the start of each round you draft once more meaning your strategy may have to change from turn to turn depending on the types of cards you end up with in your hand.

At the end of the game (turn six) the person with the most chivalry points wins and will be knighted by King Arthur.


Players: 2 -5 players

Time: 30 mins

RRP: £23.99

On it’s spotlight days the game costs: £12

For the rest of the 12 Days of Gaming the game will cost: £20.39


What we liked!

We loved the drafting aspect of this game which took it to another level in tactics. Both players who have played games that including a drafting element and those that hadn't all enjoyed the strategy and tactics that it added, taking sometimes affect another players hand. The boards are colourful (and double sided providing even more game play) and cards each have their own quirky style that created a lot of discussion during play. The game is quick enough for you not to feel it goes on too long but at the same time not too fast that you feel rushed. Definitely one you'll be playing more than once!


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