Monthly Update - April

By Dan Vasile, 2015-04-09 14:55

Last month was the release of the new MTG set (Dragons of Tarkir) and after a successful and busy pre-release and release weekend it doesn't stop there as this month we host our PPTQ Milwaukee and Dragons of Tarkir Game Days. 

Our PPTQ Milwaukee is this weekend (Saturday 11th April) and is a standard event that rewards the victor with an invite to the RPTQ which we are hosting later on this year. This is the stores second PPTQ and one of the newer features of tournaments run by Wizards of the Coast. I'm looking forward to seeing what decks people come up with to play that include the new set. Later this month I'm travelling to compete in GP Krakow so I'll be looking for some good ideas that I can build upon.
Another thing I'm looking forward to is the Game Days (Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April), these are always really fun and relaxed and something that we love hosting at IQ. These events are more like FNM so although it is a tournament, everyone comes down to have a bit of a laugh and casual play. Don't forget there's a really cool play-mat up for grabs at these events too!



Well April is another busy month for the shop which means I'll not likely be playing many games however I am looking forward working the events. This month we have Netrunner, Doomtown, Pokemon Sneak Peak, PPTQ Milwaukee, International Tabletop Day, Cardfight Vanguard Sneak Peek, the X-Wing regional and much more! In the odd time I have free however I am hoping to play Ivor the Engine, Seven Wonders and diving into reading the newest D&D 5th Edition Book Princes of the Apocalypse. 



Star Wars: Armada was released last month and I have been playing it almost non-stop in my free time! You can check out my review of Armada on this blog. April will see the release of the first wave of expansions for the game, giving the Rebels their first medium sized ship, and the Imperials their first small ship. Both fleets will receive new admirals, upgrade cards and fighter squadrons (I personally cannot wait for the fighters!) All these things will add variety to the game that wasn't available straight out the core set box.

Of course, I'm still looking forward to our X-Wing Regional Championship on Saturday 25th April

And just in case you're asking “does this guy talk about anything else but Star Wars?” I'm really excited for the latest releases for The Lord of the Rings Card Game by FFG. The latest saga expansion, The Treason of Saruman expands upon the campaign available in The Black Riders and The Road Darkens, and sees us act out the story of Aragorn from The Two Towers. There will also be the deluxe expansion to start off the next cycle of adventure packs: The Lost Realm. Here we take on the role of the Dunedain Rangers in the Wilds of Eriador. I cannot wait!



This month has brought up a couple of nice surprises. Firstly we finally received delivery of the Alien Deckbuilding Game, something i've been looking forward to since the first day I saw it. The idea of being able to play through the franchise is just so exciting to me I cant wait to crack it open and give it a go. 
We are also putting the finishing touches to a new campaign of game special offers that will be up on the website over the next month. Similar to the 12 Days of Gaming we will be looking to promote some great games as well as one or two new surprises.
My big favourite is our 24 Tabletop Gaming Day on the 11th April. This is to coincide with the International Tabletop Games Day and we've lots of fun things planned within the 24 hours gaming marathon. Ever fancied playing one of those games that simply takes forever??? Nows your chance! See you there.