Monthly Update - March

By Dan Vasile, 2015-03-12 17:31

March sees the release of the new Magic the Gathering set Dragon's of Tarkir! I really enjoy 'new set' time with spoilers trickling out and creating a great buzz around the game. It's great to hear players all talking about the new cards and  coming up with decks ideas. We will be holding a number of events to celebrate the release with 3 pre-release events and 3 full days of release drafts! I really enjoy running pre-release and release events, seeing all the players excited to get hold of new cards and putting them together in a sealed, draft or standard deck is great. 

Having looked at a few of the spoilers it's nice to have a load of great new cards to look at but the cards I am especially looking forward to are Anticipate, Ojutai Exemplars and of course Narsett Transcendent!
I love Blue and white so it is no surprise that I was really happy to see a new Planeswalker in those colours and I can't wait to get a hold of these cards and try them out in standard.
I am planning on playing the Sunday pre release and if I do I will post up a summary of how it goes and what I ended up getting. Below are the details and links for the Dragon's of Tarkir pre releases keep an eye out for the release links coming soon! 
Pre-release 21st & 22nd March


This month I doubt I'll be able to play many games due to all the exciting events we've got going on. That however isn't a bad thing because I love watching and hosting the games. This month we have our store championships for X-Wing (7th March) and Netrunner (14th March) the third and final set from the Khans of Tarkir block is having its pre-release – Dragon's of Tarkir this takes place on the 21st and 22nd of this month. Then finally we have our monthly Doomtown tournament on the 28th.

If I do get chance to play a game or two I'm hoping to give Castles of Mad King Ludwig a go. I love the idea of a game that changes state as you play it so fingers crossed I'll manage at least one game!



The X-Wing Store Championship has been and gone and what a day it was! We had 6 rounds of X-Wing followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final match that saw a VT-49 Decimator and TIE Phantom square off against 3 Firespray-31s. This month I'm hoping we can build on the success of our Store Championship, as we host the next level of competitive X-Wing events – our Regional Championship on Saturday 25th April.

This month, Fantasy Flight Games are expanding their collection of Star Wars miniatures games with Star Wars: Armada. The game is based on a much grander scale than X-Wing, in that it sees capital ships and frigates facing off against each other while squadrons of fighters intercep enemy bombers as they attempt to bombard the main fleet. I'm really looking forward to Star Wars: Armada because I just cannot wait to fly Star Destroyers of various classes into battle against the Rebellious fleets.



This month I am looking forward to learning and playing D&D Attack Wing, where minatures are used to represent troops of hobgoblins, giants, powerful dragons and more. Cards detailing the creatures and their abilities can be equiped with various upgrades to enchance your own style of play. The recent addition of the Gold Dragon to the growing number of dragons in the setup makes me even more eager to tryout the game because the minature looks detailed and intricate.  
As we cruise through March I think i'm most looking forward to getting through a number of things behind the scenes. We are about to integrate our website with our till which although sounds boring will see a huge number of new products appear on the website. 
In addition to that we have big events on every week, well in to the summer, that will keep us very busy.
We are looking at starting a new range and series of events targeted specifically to those that don't play much or not at all and i'm excited to see how these pan out. Here we go....