Nine Worlds - Game Review

By Dan Vasile, 2016-12-01 18:16
A game of Gods and their followers pitted in a struggle for control of the Nine Realms! Based in the nine worlds of Norse and Anglo-Germanic mythology. Command your armies to go forth and conquer!
Asgard - Odin
Vanaheim - Ullr
Aelfheim - Freyr
Jotunheim – Thrym
Midgard - Beowulf
Nidarvellir – Hreidmar
Muspelheim - Surtr
Svartalfheim - Andvari
Niflheim – Hel
These 9 realms along with 9 champions that inhabit them set the stage for an amazingly deep and tactical, strategic area control game.
Taking territory, fighting battles and scoring points is the aim in Nine Realms. Players have a number of action points to spend on their turn for a whole host of choices. Adding or remove armies, moving them between the worlds, banish an enemy unit or save one of your own from Helheim and more...
The plethora of choices you have to make on your turn all add up very quickly to determine the outcome and it's something I love about the game. With no variance or random factors like dice, this game is a refreshing take on the strategy genre and in turn makes all your decisions pivotal to how the game will play out.
I found the rule book incredibly helpful and there is some suggested starting points for training games based off the number of players, a good place to start if you/ others are new to the game. The Heroes you play also have a basic start with no additional rules and as you progress in the game there is an advanced game mode where each hero has a unique rule adding another level to the game play and the general feel of each Character. The cheat sheets provided are also fantastic as a quick reference and insight into how each world plays.
Lastly the extravagant and fantastical illustrations on the game board and cards are both wonderful and really draw you into the game and help to make it a special addition to any collection.
Nine Worlds is a game for 2-6 players aged 12 up.
It takes roughly 60-150 minutes to play.
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