Pints of Blood

By Heidi, 2014-11-21 14:51

It’s a typical cold and dark night on a London street. This isn't just a typical night however for tonight the dead have begun to rise and return to the streets, leaving the roads strewn with debris as the survivors race through them. 

You however are safe, at least you think you are. After heading to the one place you consider safe you and a group of friends hole up in your local pub. These zombies however aren't just after brains, they also want to go to the pub and so you will soon have your hands full with not just pints!

Pints of Blood is a new game from Huch! & Friends. They are a German game publisher and distributor and have games such as: Voodoo Mania.

Their website can be found here:http://

What’s it all about?

Pints of Blood is a semi-cooperative boardgame set in a pub where players have retreated to avoid the zombies. The only problem is the zombies are thirsty and following their old lives they have caught the bus to the pub.

Each round more zombies get off the bus at various stops and try to make their way to the bar. At what bus-stop they get off at is dependent upon a mix of cards and dice rolls. Roll the wrong thing and even more zombies will get on the bus! Things can get out of hand quickly but help is on its way. All you have to do is fend off the zombies long enough for the help to get to you. To do this send your allies out to attack the zombies whilst you are safely behind the bar. Cards will provide you with an assortment of weapons that you can find around yourself from toasters to the odd rugby ball. If you do end up getting bitten all is not lost however just drink a pint to gain health back, to pay for the pints you need packets of crisps and you get them by killing zombies!

Players: 2-4 players
Time: 45-60 minutes
RRP Cost: £40

Where you can buy it? We have it in store! Or you can get it online here:

What we liked!
Playing through this game we had a great time destroying the zombies as the hordes tried to get to the bar. The whole concept of the game is very light hearted and amusing with the idea that zombies will just repeat old habits and will catch a bus then head to the pub for a pint. Don't expect an easy game it's one that will keep you occupied for a good while.

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