Pokemon Roaring Skies Prerelease Review at IQ Games

By Dan Vasile, 2015-05-02 16:34

On Saturday 25th April, we had a great turn out for our Roaring Skies Prerelease. The main room at IQ was filled out with fans of all ages wanting to grab the rarest in demand cards from the latest Pokemon set.

A prerelease is a fantastic way to get into the Pokemon TCG - players of all ages gather around for an exciting day of opening the newest set early, followed by a fun tournament - players each construct a 40 card deck from the cards they received in their 6 boosters.

It's a great way to learn the new cards, or learn the ins and outs of the game - plus there's a chance to pull a fantastic rare card before anyone else, like Harvey did.

The tournament ran over 6 rounds, and Dougie Hames managed to get 1st place - Prerelease tournaments are just for fun, so everyone who entered received a bonus 2 packs at the end.

The Roaring Skies set is the sixth set in the XY block, and like Primal Clash before it, celebrates the re-release of the Hoenn games. Rayquaza, the cover star, seems to be the most sought after card - opening one of those meant that everyone in the room wanted to be your friend!

The most valuable cards at the Prerelease seemed to be those with Delta traits - especially ones that let you take an extra prize after a KO with Delta Plus! Plenty of players put cards such as Swellow & Articuno into their decks.

If you absolutely can't wait to pick up some cards from the new set, then you'll be pleased to know that Roaring Skies is officially released on Wednesday 5th May. Head down and grab some boosters!

Stay tuned to know when the next Pokemon event is on at IQ, or head down to our casual Pokemon League sessions, held at 6pm on a Monday, and 4pm on a Friday entry for these events is £3.