Posthuman Game Review

By Keith Wilson, 2016-11-21 18:13
Posthuman Game Review

Posthuman is a semi-cooperative survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which you and up to three other players are on a lonely journey to a rumoured safe-house. Will you survive, or will you evolve? These are the two ways to win in Posthuman; survive, as a human, and reach the fabled Fortress; or evolve into a mutant, and attempt to destroy the remaining human players.

Your journey takes you through an ever changing, vast, open world, full of both wonderful and terrifying encounters:

  • You may try to talk-down someone who is about to jump from a cliff edge, at the end of the line because of the horrors they have seen. If you succeed they will join your group, but if you fail it will surely mentally scar you for the rest of your journey.

  • You may encounter a mutant, intent on destroying the remainder of humanity, and engage it in a fight for survival. You may survive the ordeal, but at what cost, and with how many physical scars?

It is these scars that will drain your morale and health, until eventually, you will evolve into a mutant. If you have enough scars, you can even choose to voluntarily turn mutant, leaving you an interesting decision to make in terms of your end goal.


Exploration takes the form of drawing and placing tiles and it is these tiles that determine which encounters you will have. Be sure to scout ahead first, otherwise you will be drawing these tiles blind, and there will be no knowing what you may uncover. These tiles may be anything from mountains and forests, to ruined cities and fortifications.

I really enjoy how this game always leaves you feeling like you are in control of your fate. There are always interesting decisions to be made. Will you help the guy trying to commit suicide? Will you spend time scouting ahead, or will you just keep moving? Which way will you go, now you have seen the encounters that lie ahead? Will you try to fight the mutations, in an attempt to reach your end goal; or will you succumb to the mutant within, and destroy all humans?

The theme also really stands out in this game. The artwork really gives the feel of a post-apocalyptic world. The chance of encounters leaves you on edge, as if you are fighting for your very survivial. If you fail to survive, and instead evolve, you are not eliminated from the game. Instead, the theme continues, and you are now trying to mutate those who used to be your fellow humans.

Another cool thing about this game, is the cross-over with roleplaying games. You can customise your character, skills and items, you can make all of the decisions “in-character” and due to the theme, be really immersed in the post-apocalyptic world you find yourself trying to survive (or evolve) in.

So will you survive, or will you evolve? Why not find out in Posthuman? – our next game for 12 Days of Gaming.

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