Project: Elite - Game Review

By Keith Wilson, 2016-12-29 18:52

Earth in the future.

A massive alien invasion has brought mankind to its knees. We were not ready for this. Around the world, people are still trying to defend what little remains. Our enemy is superior. A special task force of highly trained operatives has been assembled in an attempt to stop the alien advance, protect high priority targets and whenever possible, strike back. They are called, Project: ELITE.

Project: ELITE is a fast-paced, real-time, tower-defence board game in which players control characters and try to work together against hordes of attacking aliens. Players roll dice with symbols as fast as they can allowing them to do various actions with their character on the game board. They move around shooting and cutting through waves of aliens blocking their advance while at the same time trying to complete objectives that will bring them victory. This game play happens over a number of real-time 2-minute rounds interspersed with an Alien phase where the aliens perform abilities, advance towards their goal and receive reinforcements.

There's a real sense of danger in this game. The 2-minute time limit to your turn really adds to that feeling. The adrenaline will be pumping as you rush to defeat as many enemies as you possibly can in your turn. But beware! If the enemy reaches your base, you lose. If you become too wounded to carry on, you lose. Every time you roll the dice, there is even a chance that the enemies will activate, interrupting your turn to move or attack you. This adds a push-your-luck element to the game. Do you roll the dice again, trying to destroy that alien that is advancing open-jawed towards you? If you do, it may activate first and wound you. The choice is yours.

Another aspect of the push-your-luck feel that the game has, is the use of weapons. You can use your weapons on certain results on the action dice. Once activated, you can re-roll the dice, trying to use the weapon again. The danger is again, activating any enemies that are advancing towards your base.

The contents of the box are certainly worth a mention:

  • 80 Miniatures

  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board

  • 196 Cards

  • 34 Dice

  • 120 Tokens

  • 1 Rulebook

A lot of games with that number of miniatures are a lot more expensive than this one. Even then, they don't come with that many dice either. The miniatures come in coloured plastic, so you can easily tell the difference between the characters, aliens and bosses.

This and the Alien Pack expansion (adding more bosses and a new type of alien) are now online as part of our 12 days of gaming promotion. Check it out today.

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