Qwirkle Review

By Dan Vasile, 2015-03-23 11:59

This week I wanted to talk about a game that is a favourite of Imagination Gaming and one that is rapidly becoming a firm favourite with the IQ Games crew – Qwirkle.

This colourful game is quick to play and very easy to learn. Consisting of one hundred and eight small squares with six different colours and six different shapes this game is very colourful and feels very solid.

Everyone starts with six pieces that they keep hidden to all but themselves. The first player is decided by the person who has the highest number of blocks with the same attribute – either colour or shape but not both. The blocks must be placed in a line and match the line without there being any duplicates. After placing the blocks the player refills their hand and scores one point for every block in the line that is attached to including itself. Then it's the next persons go.

If at any point a line of six is made there is an additional six points awarded (so twelve in total) for making a Qwirkle. The person who uses all of their pieces first and with none in the bag ends the game and gains six more points.

The winner of the game is the person with the most points at the end.

What we liked

The pieces feel great in your hand and the game itself plays very much like a mix between Dominoes and Scrabble.

It's colourful and very well made.

Whilst easy to learn and play there is a lot of strategy in the game and you may well find yourself yelling at one another for someone ruining your plans (all in good fun of course).


What we disliked

Well we've wracked our brains and the only thing we've come up with for this one is if you don't happen to like tile placing strategy games then this one may not be for you – but give it a go anyway!


Qwirkle is priced at £19.99 making it a lot of fun for less than £20!