Star Wars LCG Store Championship Deck Lists

By Heidi, 2016-03-07 11:27
IQ Games Centre Star Wars Store Championship Deck Lists

Star Wars – it's one of the (if not THE) most well known francise in the world, and this Sunday players came together to take part in the Star Wars LCG Store Championships.


We had four players who battled through the cold and the snow to make it to the store (the weather was actually quite nice on Sunday but during the run up to it it most definatly wasn't).

There were many close fought battles but the final victory went to Andy who this season seems to be for the most part unstopable.

Second place went to Neil who is one of the few people to beat Andy in the past beating him in York a week ago.

Here are the deck lists of the top two!


Andy's Winning Deck List
Andy Hornby 1st Place  
Dark Side Total Objective Count
Navy 10  
Deploy the Fleet 46 2
Might of Empire 179 2
Tarkin Doctrine 178 2
Enforced 180 2
Repair + Refurbish 95 1
Death + Despayre 29 1
Light Side Total Objective  
Smugglers & Spies 10  
Objective Set # Qty
Questionable Contacts 15 1
Asteroid Sanc 72 1
Gamar Run 109 1
A Hero's Beginning 161 1
May The Force be With you 112 2
Secret of Yavin 4 5 1
Watcher in Wasteland 91 1
Survivors 146 1
A Hero's Journey 1 1


Neil's Second Place Decklist
Dark Side Total Objective Count  
Sith 10  
Objective Set # Qty
The Reawakening 169 2
The Emperor's Web 23 2
Brothers of the Sith 183 2
Counsel of the Sith 20 2
Fall of the Jedi 19 1
Merciless Plans 193 1
Light Side Total Objective Count  
Jedi 10  
A Hero's Beginning 161 2
A Hero's Trial 127 2
May The Force Be With You 112 2
The Survivors 146 2
The Flight of the Crow 107 1
Secret of Yavin 4 5 1

The bye got passed down to Bobby who is now excited to be heading to the regionals (one of which will also be taking place in IQ Games Centre!).

Thank you all for taking part in the event and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

(Any issues with the deck lists are my mistakes when it came to reading handwriting)