Terrible Monster - Game Review

By Stephen Keenan, 2016-11-17 15:46
Terrible Monster - Game Review
Published by Sweet Lemon Publishing Terrible Monster is a 2 player card game designed by the Japanese game designer Shun. In Terrible Monster you take the role of a mighty tribe leader fighting for supremacy against another formidable tribe leader! Cast spells, counter your opponents cards and summon terrible monsters to win!   
"Deep in the Swamps dwells an ancient and formidable creature. Two mighty leaders have gathered in a bid to harness its power and forever settle their struggle for supremacy. Who will be the first to summon the Terrible Monster? And... will that be enough to win the day"
Terrible Monster is a micro card game where both players will take it in turns to cast spells and creatures to wear the opponent down! Drawing from the same deck of 16 unique cards 13 spells and 3 creatures, all with there own effects and abilities makes every game fun and unique.
Game play:
Both players start the game with 5 cards, 4 Health and 2 counter tokens. 
The player starting the game plays one card, then discards down to 5 cards before it's Player 2's turn. 
A normal turn order is as follows - Players start the turn by drawing a card, play 0-2 cards, before discarding down to five cards and ending their turn.
It's a really straight forward basic set of rules but don't be fooled by the lack of complexity in the rules as it makes up for it in strategy. 
Counter tokens play a huge part in the game giving the players the opportunity to interact with their opponents cards. 
When a player plays a card you may discard a counter token to render that card ineffective, then the opposing player may respond to this counter token by discarding 2 of his own counter tokens to break the first counter effect ensuring his cards effect takes place! Not knowing if your card will resolve and giving you the option to make that choice really adds to the game play. 
Deciding when to cast a card and in which order, attempting to counter or even knowing when to stop an opponents counter "counter break" really makes manoeuvring the game tricky and is what makes this little game fun whilst giving it a huge amount of replay value.
Full content list
13 Spell Cards 
3 Monster Cards
8 Life Tokens  
6 Counter Tokens
2 Reference Sheets
1 Rule book 
in a 2-piece box with enough space for sleeved cards
Along with the base game we have also added the first expansion for Terrible Monster which adds a brand new card type Hero cards along with 2 brand new Monster and Spell cards.
Spell Card - 2
Desperation & Concentration 
Monster Card - 2 
Carnivorous Plat & Temple Guardian 
Hero Cards -7
Beast Master, Adventurer, Illusionist, Mage, Seer, Summoner & Warrior 
Rules Insert card 
Hero Cards 
At the start of the game each player is dealt a Hero card and can use the hero's ability instead of playing a card on their turn, they remain in play all game giving you an additional option on your turn. (They cannot be countered by the counter tokens) 
Each of the Hero cards has a unique themed ability you can use during the game and is a great addition to the game once you have played through the base game. 
Terrible Monster is a great stocking filler and an awesome in between games way to kill 5/10 minutes. 
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