There’s a new Deputy in Town

By Heidi, 2015-06-11 12:37
 There’s a new Deputy in Town

Next month we have our Deputy event for Doomtown. The Deputy event is the equivalent of a store championship in other events, however the winner of the event gets the honour of being called the Deputy of that event until the next one (as well as getting an awesome badge and a variety of other prizes).

Over the last few months there have been many Deputy events in the country and last week Aldershot had theirs.

It’s always great when a new person gets crowned as a Deputy and so when Dan VandenBurg won the event we asked him to put together his deck for everyone to see.

Without further ado here is Dan to let us all know about the deck that won him the Deputy event!


A clown (or 3) comes to Aldershot

So I have been working on my Oddities deck since F & F came out. I’ve been playing Fourth Ring and initially wanted to see if an abomination deck was viable yet and also to try out the tasty new clowns! It took a couple of runs to get it right but now it is pretty good I think! Was really happy to win a Deputy event as the first incarnation of this deck came a miserable last of 10 at a Dark Sphere event.

The deck list is as follows: Mostly 8s 9s Js with enough off value to make lowball a possibility and reduce cheatin’! Very slim chance of straight flush in hearts...never had it happen but almost...


“Clown about town”
Outfit: Oddities of Nature

Start Dudes : 
Leonardo “Leon” Cavallo
Valeria Batten
2x Pagliaccio
Funtime Freddie

Deck Jacks: California Tax Office
Jackson’s Strike
2x Clown Carriage
2x Forget
2x Hex slinging
Flight of the lepus
Meet the new boss
Kevin Wainwright

9s: 2x Bunkhouse
Morgan research institute
4x Phantasm
2x Cheatin’ Varmint
2x Magical Distraction
Micah Rise Exp 1
Mario Crane
8s: 2x Pat’s Perch
Circle M Ranch
4x Paralysis mark
2x Rumors
2x Reserves
Steven Wiles
Ghostly gun

Off Value: The Whately Estate
2x Soul blast
2x Shadow Walk
2x Blood Curse
Raising Hell
2x Joker

The deck is control heavy with max amounts of paralysis marks, phantasms and the Oddties own ability. The deck isn’t afraid to fight either when backed up with a blood curse, soul blast or hex slinging / cheatin’ cards.

Move a clown to town square as your first action ideally unless the other person moves there first. Start the control early on. I tended to start adding control spells to Leon and more fighty ones to Valeria since she is a stud. Valeria is also a bit of a ruse, I don’t really care much if I do lose her to a kidnappin’ say and can never make clown carriage as it’s just a on-value nice to have. Conversely Leon is very important as he is you main source of influence early on and has great control abilities. Back him up with Valeria and the Clowns if someone rushes him.

The deck is quite economy light so winning low ball is nice but hopefully you can get a money making deed out early. With Freddie I tend to go for Soul blast/Paralysis mark or blood curse/paralysis mark as choices depending on what the opponent has. Ideally sit on their deeds either side of their home and boot their important dudes at home. Sometimes you can pull out a week booted dude with the phantasm to kill off their influence, having enough jacks means this can be worth it if I have a couple of them out.

I have won with this deck my both the control method with some high control deeds and influence reductions as well as the traditional fighting route...I have also lost by both methods! Fairly happy with this version of the deck might tweak it a bit more but will probably now retire it and move on to pastures new.

Winning a deputy event was really great as I have missed cut to final 4 several times, most notably when I was at UK Games Expo, losing only to Jimi May who was unbeaten that day and Dan Knight who needs no introductions!


A big thank you and a congratulations to Dan for winning and letting us take a peek at the deck.

 Liking the idea of Doomtown Reloaded but don’t know where to start? Why not come down on Thursday evenings where we have our casual game night and we’ll get you sat down with a deck.  

Our Deputy event is on July 18th (see it here) and we’d love to see you all mosey on down to play! Outside of IQ Games Centre the next big events are as follows:

13th - Manchester - Fun Boy 3   >
20th - Worcester - Manaleak   >

4th - Cardiff - Firestorm Games - SHERIFF (this is the equivalent of a regional in other tournaments)
18th - Huddersfield - IQ Centre - DEPUTY   >   see here
26th - Edinburgh - Black Lion Games - SHERIFF

Don’t forget if you have any questions about anything or would like to know something get in touch at: and you could find the answer being one of our blogs! If you have played in an event and would like to write us a report, or have a card you would like to talk about also let us know we’re always looking for people to write event reports and reviews for us.