Things you need for a tournament

By Heidi, 2015-04-01 16:20

So you have finally got a deck you are happy with and are ready to take the first few steps into the world of tournament play? But where do you start and what should you bring?

As part of our question and answer series of blogs we wanted to discuss things we suggest you bring to a tournament. What to bring is a question we get asked a lot by both new and older players to tournament play so here is our top eight things to bring!

  1. Your deck, squad or whatever the game requires for you to play it. This may seem like an obvious thing but we have lost count of the number of times players have made last minute tweaks to their deck at four in the morning and have then forgotten to put the deck back into their bag. Thankfully in most of the cases we've dealt with players have either been able to dash home or borrow the cards from other players - this may not always be possible however so make sure you have your deck before you leave the house!
  2. Sleeves - Majority of tournaments now request that your cards are sleeved and normally with opaque backed sleeves (as often the promo cards from various games can be a different colour on the back and therefore easily noticeable unless in sleeves). For every tournament make sure you have checked your sleeves making sure there are no marks or breaks in them, and make sure you have spare! The last thing you need to start a game is to find some issue with them.
  3. Accessories  - If your game requires you to use templates, tokens or even dice always make sure you have plenty on you, you can’t rely on your opponent turning up with them!
  4. Non sugary snacks and bottles of water - Tournaments can mean a long long day the last thing you need is your energy levels bouncing around all over the place due to vast amounts of sugary food and drinks. Remember to take regular drinks to stay hydrated and bring along some non sugary snacks to help maintain those concentration levels.
  5. Money - Bring enough money to pay for the tournament (don’t forget to double check the cost of the event before you arrive!) but also keep some on you in case you want to buy some snacks as the day goes on, and more importantly enough to buy sleeves or other items in-case you need them!

  6. Deodorant (roll on) - This might be an odd thing to remember but there is nothing worse than breathing in stale ‘fragrant’ air. Make it all the more pleasant for people by using deodorant, even reapplying during the day. We suggest roll on rather than spray because no one wants to be stood next to someone and get a mouthful of second hand spray especially if you have breathing problems! So please think of others around you, and treat them as you would like to be treated.
  7. Deck List/ Squad List - Some tournaments require players to provide a written deck list. Please make sure you know if you need one for the tournament (in most cases it will be mentioned in the event information but if in doubt ask - email ). Normally we run tournaments in such a way that there is enough time before the tournament starts to write out the deck list however to aid us and to prevent stress for you bring in a deck list already filled in that matches your deck.
    Don’t use abbreviations please we need to be able to see the full names of the cards, and make sure that the list is accurate. Also we would like to ask for your best handwriting so we can read the list. By following these few requests you will keep us and you happy and help lesson the stress of the tournament.
  8. A Positive Attitude - It’s a tournament, you want to do well and you want to bring your A game. However don’t forget at the end of the day it’s only a game! Everyone who is there is there to have fun and walk away having had a great time. What the players and us as organisers don’t need is a lot of bad feelings and stress. If something is not working or your upset about something call over a tournament organiser - we are there to help you but we can’t do anything after the round or the event.  So turn up happy see the tournament as a way to play a few rounds of a game you enjoy with people who share the same interest as you.

Following these key points we hope you will be a little more informed before your next tournament but if you have any more questions by all means contact us! Email: If you have any questions let us know it may become the start of another question and answer blog.