Warhammer Conquest Store Championship Deck List

By Heidi, 2016-02-21 16:35
IQ Games Centre Conquest Store Championship Deck List

It's Store Championship season!

Every year this is looked forward to by many people and there is always lots of tournaments to take part in.

This Sunday it was our Warhammer Conquest Store Championship. 

Five players braved the weather for the event and all enjoyed themselves (which is always important when it comes to events - We don't want anyone leaving without a smile!)

The overall winner was Alex, so a big congratulations to Alex for winning the event and getting that coverted regional bye (as well as the plaque, mat, deck box and promo's!)

The top deck list was:

Warlord - Broderick Worr
Allied Factions - Space Marines

Sacaellum Shrine Guard x 3
Tallarn Raiders x 3
Ratling Deadeye x 3
Void Pirate x 3
Stalwart Ogryn x 3
Sanctioned Psyker x 3
Anxious Infantry Platoon x 4
Elysian Assault Team x 2
Steel Legion Chimera x 3
Cadian Mortar Squad x 2
Captain Markis x 2
Promotion x 2
Commissarial Bolt Pistol x 1
Summary Execution x 2
Preemptive Barrage x 3
The Emperor's Warrant x 3
Exterminatus x 2
Troop Transport x 3
Inquisitorial Fortress x 2
Forward Barracks x 1

The top three decks were Astra Militarum, Space Marines coming fourth and Eldar fifth.

A big thank you to all who turned up and thanks all for playing!