Warzone Resurrection

By Dan Vasile, 2014-11-30 14:37

The passage of time has not been good on mankind. Now ruled by by five mega corporations who not only  fight amongst themselves but also against the darkness that has risen and shown itself in the universe. The fighting is brutal and world spanning but someone’s got to do it otherwise the universe and life as mankind know it will be gone.

Warzone Resurrection  is produced by Prodos Games a fast growing miniatures company, You can find their website here: http://prodosgames.com/

What’s it all about?


Warzone Resurrection is a miniature and card skirmish game using 28mm sized miniatures set in the Mutant Chronicles universe. Two or more players can play on the same table and fight one another in the skirmish style tabletop system. Each player can pick from a number of different factions including the four megacorporations, the factions are very different from one another and can span a wide range from the faith driven Brotherhood to the Dark Legion who are bent on total destruction and causing as much devastation as they can.

Unlike most other miniature games the only dice you use in Warzone Resurrection is a D20 (20 sided dice). However not only do you use dice and the miniatures there is an added twist with the use of resource cards. These cards can be played during the game to change the your squad, your opponents squads and even the battlefield. This causes the game to become far more fluid and ever changing more so than more ‘traditional’ miniature games.


Players: 2-7 players
Time: 45+ mins
RRP: £70 (one strarter set + rule book)
On it’s spotlight days the game costs: £35 (one strarter set + rule book)
For the rest of the 12 Days of Gaming the game will cost: £29.75 (starter sets and book sold individualy)


What we liked!

The artwork is gorgeous and each faction is designed in a way that makes them totally different from one another. The full rulebook is also very good looking and with the only dice you roll being a d20 the game is quick to pick up and easy to jump straight into.  The models themselves are well made and although they require a bit of putting together (like most models in miniature games) they are very well made and visually interesting.

What’s coming next in the 12 Days of Gaming?
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