X-Wing Regional Championship for 2015

By Keith Wilson, 2015-05-08 19:48
X-Wing Regional Championship for 2015

Saturday 25th April saw IQ Gaming host our X-Wing Regional Championship for 2015. The Regional Championships for X-Wing grant winners a bye at the UK National Championship, and are only two steps away from the World Championships!

79 players turned up to make it the biggest X-Wing event the UK has ever had. After 9 hours of X-Wing we had our top 8 players. Three hours later (at around half past midnight!) we had our winner.

During each round we chose one match to play on our featured table, where we filmed it so that we can soon upload it to YouTube (after commentary from yours truly is added).

In addition to the prize support offered in the Regional kit, we handed out almost £1000 of store credit, and contents from an X-Wing Spring kit.

There was a wide variation of lists present, with the final match up being between two Decimators and Chewbacca with Leebo. However, there was only one list in the top 8 that didn't feature a large ship!

Congratulations go to Lee Duncan who triumphed with Captain Oicunn with Predator, Rebel Captive, Ysanne Isard and Gunner and Patrol Leader with none other than Darth Vader!

Keep an eye on our blog for details on the videos from the event!