Yu-Gi-Oh Win-A-Box Tournament - By Connor Reid

By Emily_Quinn, 2017-08-21 14:30
For the Win a Box tournament held at IQ Games I used Pure True Draco with a spellbook engine and a couple of tech floodgates.
3 x Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King
This card is effectively a win condition, but you need to know what you’re going against to get the most out of this pseudo-tower.
3 x Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter
This guy allows me to manipulate the battlefield with access to both Return and Apocalypse as well as being a 2500 beatstick for one tribute.
3 x Spellbook magician of prophecy
Blue boy is back and better than ever when it allows me to search the engine, and allows for tribute food without getting rid of Dinomight.
3 x Spellbook of secrets
Just in case blue boy isn’t enough to get the draw power flowing, secrets allows me to search either knowledge or blue boy, thinning my deck before I draw.
2 x Spellbook of Knowledge
More like spellbook of Greed, this is the key part to the engine as each time the full engine goes off, you thin your deck by four cards, and +1 to hand advantage.
3 x Dragonic Diagram
Probably the most stupid field spell to date, this grants your guys 300 atk, once per turn battle immunity and a destroy one, search one effect that combos well with the spells and traps of the deck.
3 x Terraforming
See Dragonic Diagram.
3 x True Draco Heritage
This card is absolutely insane, it can draw 3, it can summon another Draco, and it can pop a spell/trap when it dies.
3 x Disciples of the True Dracophoenix
This allows the deck to recycle it’s resources indefinitely, shuffle three in grave to deck AND +1, helps out grind most other decks. It also allows another Draco per turn and pop a spell/trap when it dies.
3 x Pot of Duality
And on today's show, choose what you top-deck. Absolutely crucial for when the opening hand isn’t quite there, and the no special summoning that turn isn’t really a drawback because I normal summon everything. When I do need to special summon it happens on my opponent's turn anyway.
3x True King’s Return
Oh what’s that, you thought you could inflict damage. Nope, here’s a master peace to block everything. You can either summon one from grave, or tribute summon one during opponents turn. The special summon is during both players turns so it can bring back tribute food as well. Also when it leaves the field, so does one of my opponents monsters.
3 x True Draco Apocalypse
Blue Boy may be puny, but apocalypse allows me to make even the strongest of monsters pale in comparison. At the cost of destroying a face up True King/Draco card, I can half the attack and defence of all monsters the opponent control. Permanently!
3 x Solemn Strike
Pay 1500 Life points, say no to your opponent's combo.
Spicy Tech #1
3 x The Monarchs Erupt
Skill Drain is at 1 for a reason, yet this is the same but doesn’t stop my monsters. And has no cost. And stays when my monsters don’t.
Spicy Tech #2
3 x Summon Limit
Both Players can only summon twice a turn. Count me in! Moving into link format, and with Zoo being alive at the moment this card is insane. Even worse it counts the amount of summons before it’s activated. You Kaiju’d my Master Peace, and normal summoned Zoodiac Ratpier, well your turn is over! This card is amazing in my deck as I hardly every summon three times, and when I do, I can tribute my summon limit anyway.
Side Deck:
3 x Different Dimension ground
A one turn macro cosmos, awesome, now all those zombiesworn & Dino players can say bye to their graveyard. Stops ghost ogre too.
3 x mind drain
Absolutely crucial with a meta filled with hand traps, and those True Kings that power other decks too.
3x Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
A Hand trap that negates interaction with the deck seems decent.
3x The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode
At the cost of a normal summon, you can kaiju three monsters at once. And then you get the card back, which itself is an untargetable Gold orb that cannot be attacked.
2x Graydle Eagle
Pop it with master peace, crash it against something bigger, either way, you steal your opponents beelze or what ever.
1x Lord Gaia the fierce Knight
Some people run gateway to chaos to slow my deck down, and if I side this in, I search it off the field spell they give me, then I continue as normal. Anti-Anti-Meta!