WPNQ Pioneer

Date and time: 
Saturday, March 21, 2020 - 11:30

WPN Qualifier Season 2 - IQ Games Centre - Pioneer

IQ Games Centre are happy to announce that we're offering players the chance to qualify for the Players Tour!

This event will be a competitive Pioneer format tournament (deck lists required) with the winner earning an invite to the Players Tour as well as a travel bursary of £120 from IQ games Centre to get you there!

Also in attendance at the event will be accomplished Magic the Gathering artist Ralph Horsely. Known for his incredible art on cards such as Thopter Foundry, Cruel Ultimatum and most recently the 2020 Worlds promo, Crucible of Worlds! He will be around during the day to meet with fans, sign cards and sell some exclusive art pieces.

Event details:
Format: Pioneer
Date: 21st March
Store opens - 10:00am
Registration opens - 10:00am
Registration closes - 10:40am
Round 1 start - 10:45am
Entry Fee: £20
Tickets will be available here: https://www.iqgaming.co.uk/tickets/wpnq-season-2-pioneer-21st-march-2020

The Wizards of the Coast official Pioneer ban list will be in effect. To check which sets are legal and which cards are banned, please check the following link:

Deck lists are required. Paper deck lists will be available on the day or you can email them to us on the day for us to print when you register.

You can fill in deck lists here to print or email: https://tinyurl.com/v6fofk7
Then email it to info@iqgaming.co.uk

1st - Invite for the Players Tour and a travel bursary of £120
2nd - 1 Booster box of Theros Beyond Death or £100 Store credit
3rd - 8th - Theros Beyond Death booster packs and/or store credit based on entries.

The top 8 will receive a guaranteed minimum of £20 in credit or Theros Beyond Death booster packs regardless of turn out.
More will be added to the prize pool on the day based on player turn out.

Promo cards: PTQ Promo Cryptic Command will be given out to the top 24 players
1st place: 4 copies
2nd place: 4 copies
3rd place: 2 copies
4th place: 2 copies
5th - 24th place: 1 copy

Event format:
5-7 rounds of swiss with a cut to top 8, dependent on player numbers.
The event will have a planeswalker points multiplier of x5.

Head Judge: Nick Hall
TO: Stephen Keenan

SIDE EVENT DETAILS -------------------------------------------------------

For all those players are already qualified but haven't had their fill of Pioneer or those dropping out of the WPNQ who want another shot at winning some prizes, we will be running a Pioneer side event.

Event details:
Format: Pioneer
Registration opens - 10:00am
Registration closes - 1:30pm
Round 1 start - 1:45pm
Entry Fee: £12

Prize support
1st: A booster box of any standard set or £90 store credit
2nd: £45 store credit

The prize support for 1st and 2nd place are guaranteed regardless of the number of players, with more added to the prize pool on the day based on player turn out.

Food and drink:
The store has a wide selection of snacks, pop and hot drinks too.

We are happy for outside food and drink to be brought in but we ask for players that if we sell the product to please buy it from us.