Oligarchy - Game of the Month August 2017


Oligarchy is a card game based in a dystopian near future.

You play the role of a formidable Oligarch. Set your allegiance to one or more of the 8 powerful factions and use your cunning to crush your opposition! You will experience brutal power struggles, hideous comebacks, desperation moves and glorious victory!

23 × 15 × 5 cm
787 g
Product Contains:
  • Contains four ready to play decks, each containing cards from two factions. Enough for 2-4 players to begin playing!
  • Four Affluence and Influence status spinners to keep track of your wealth and connections.
  • Eight power based spinners to measure your chosen factions' power level.
  • An assortment of counters and two six-sided dice to support your game.
  • A fold out Quick Start guide and a detailed Game Manual to help you get started.

The world of Oligarchy is savage and ruthless. It contains many different card types including; characters, scenarios, incidents, items, professions and resources. You can combine them to create almost endless posibilities!

Will you be the lone survivor or a footnote in history? Let the games begin!