Pokemon TCG: Galar Partners Tins (Spring Tin 2020) Rillaboom


Grass and Fire and Water types — the foundations of the Pokémon Trainer's team! Get acquainted with three newly discovered Pokémon of these types in the form of mighty Pokémon V. Choose the thunderous beat of Rillaboom V, the speedy fire and quick moves of Cinderace V, or the shifting splashing moves of the clever Inteleon V. Each of these fantastic tins contains a full-powered and entirely awesome Pokémon V, fully evolved from a first-partner Pokémon of the Galar region! You'll also get a selection of 4 booster packs to add to your collection.

​Family    Pokémon-TCG
Game Type    Expansion
Publisher    Pokemon USA, Inc.
Product − Height    25.4cm
Product − Length    17.8cm
Product − Width    25.8cm
Product Weight    1.800kg
RRP    £20.99

15 × 12 × 7.5 cm
257 g