32 × 32 × 8 cm
3 kg
Product Contains:
  • 3 complete factions and their recruiting options (Majestic, Deep Ones, and Black Sun)
  • Tanks, light vehicles, heavy weapons, character traits, equipment, magic items, spells and orders for both armies
  • 11 heroes
  • 42 wooden markers
  • 2 Majestic dice
  • 2 Deep Ones dice
  • 2 Black Sun dice
  • 6 two-sided gameboards
  • 1 turn counter track and its special markers
  • 3 decks of 50 cards
  • 5 destructible houses
  • 8 footbridges
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 campaign book (10 scenarios)

The Normandy countryside in this remarkable summer of 1944...

"I'll never forget the people I met braving those angry skies;
I remember well as the shadows fell, the light of hope in their eyes."

You know the song...

However, the course of the story is about to change radically. While the Allies were thinking they would only come across some simple, but formidable German soldiers, a new menace burst from the heart of the woods. The fanatics of the Black Sun and their acolytes are preparing to unleash a demonic force on the battlefields of Normandy.